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A semester of great accomplishments!

This is the weekend of transition for teachers who have semester-long courses. I said goodbye to my first semester students on Friday and will say hello to all new students on Monday. It was a great fall semester despite the hiccups from a new school schedule, teaching a brand new course, and the implementation of …

Happy October!

It’s finally October! I love the season of hoodies, turning leaves, pumpkin-everything, and playoff baseball! I’m looking forward to attending as many Red Sox playoff games as possible . . . the later into October, the better! Maybe I’ll even make another appearance on TV like I did in Game 2 of the 2013 World …


As many of my students know, I reserve Fridays for #GeekyShirtFriday & #FunShirtFriday. I’ve amassed quite the collection of great t-shirts that are rarely repeated throughout the school year. Of course, there are some Fridays where I need to be a bit more professional, like when presenting at a conference. But for the most part, …

Geeky Shirt Friday!

On Fridays, I like to represent my geeky side by wearing t-shirts of my favorite geeky things that students may or many not recognize. I’ll try to post pictures here each week! And the first geeky t-shirt of the year is . . . Captain America! Keeping it simple this week.

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