Two Students Attended Junior Achievement Financial Adacemy!

I’m very proud to report that 2 of my students were selected to attend a week-long financial literacy “boot camp” sponsored by Junior Achievement. Only 50 students in New England were chosen for this honor and TWO of them were some of my brightest superstars! So very proud of these students and can’t wait to …

Fully Funded – THANK YOU!!

I am so happy to report that my project has been fully funded! I am so excited to receive these computer science goodies and start a computer science club at school for my students. They have been clamoring for more computer science and coding “stuff” since participating in the Hour of Code last school …

Another Great Tool – Kahoot!

Another great tool for the classroom – Kahoot! It’s a free response system/competition that uses any form of technology you may have. The teacher creates the game and has it projected for students to see. Students connect to the game via a website and PIN number. They can use phones, computers, tablets, basically anything that …

Geeky Shirt Friday!

This week’s edition of Geeky Shirt Friday . . . do you know what it is? The answer will be posted in a comment below.

My new favorite tool –!

My new favorite tool is! Wow, what a powerful communication tool for parents and students. Remind lets you send out text blasts to specific groups of people in a safe, secure, and private manner. For example, I have a group set up for my Business Club students. They enrolled in my group by sending …

Help us build our computer science maker space!

After attending my STEM fellowship in Washington DC this summer, I have a renewed interested in promoting all things technology-related. Authentic learning experiences and real world problems to solve are the cornerstones of my classes. Since participating in the Hour of Code, my students have been hungry for more! After receiving a student request to …

STEM Career of the Week – Physicist!

  Stephen Hawking and Jim Parsons Physicist Conduct research into physical phenomena, develop theories on the basis of observation and experiments, and devise methods to apply physical laws and theories. Education: Masters, Doctoral, Post-Doctoral Possible Job Titles: Health Physicist, Scientist, Research Scientist, Physicist, Research Consultant, Research Physicist, Biophysics Scientist Possible Employers: academia, government laboratories, military, … Student of the Week!

So very proud to announce that one of my students was honored as the Student of the Week! I nominated Paulina as the student of the week because she really embraced coding when introduced to the Hour of Code in my Entrepreneurship class. She jumped on board, completed the optional 20-hour computer science introduction …

Geeky Shirt Friday!

On Fridays, I like to represent my geeky side by wearing t-shirts of my favorite geeky things that students may or many not recognize. I’ll try to post pictures here each week! And the first geeky t-shirt of the year is . . . Captain America! Keeping it simple this week.

First Day!

I think it was a successful first day of school, meaning I’m super tired, barely have a voice left, and have achy feet. Hope everyone has a great year!

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