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I couldn’t say it better, so I won’t.

Recent events have hit us all hard. As a parent and a teacher, I’ve been wrestling with everything from two completely different points of view. How do I protect my child at his school and how do I protect my “children” at my school? I came across this letter and it really touched upon all …

Another successful semester for my Entrepreneurship students!

Every semester, my Entrepreneurship students amaze me. They run a small business to learn how to run a small business. They learn by doing. They learn in a hands-on environment. They learn that a business doesn’t always run smoothly. And, boy, did they learn that this semester! The semester started off in the typical fashion. …

Two Students Attended Junior Achievement Financial Adacemy!

I’m very proud to report that 2 of my students were selected to attend a week-long financial literacy “boot camp” sponsored by Junior Achievement. Only 50 students in New England were chosen for this honor and TWO of them were some of my brightest superstars! So very proud of these students and can’t wait to … Student of the Week!

So very proud to announce that one of my students was honored as the Student of the Week! I nominated Paulina as the student of the week because she really embraced coding when introduced to the Hour of Code in my Entrepreneurship class. She jumped on board, completed the optional 20-hour computer science introduction …

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