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Geeky Shirt Friday!

I LOVE Indiana Jones, and love all sorts of interpretations of him. This shirt is another version of Indiana Jones. Happy Geeky Shirt Friday!

Geeky Shirt Friday!

After a couple weeks of missing Fridays (Thanksgiving week, sick day), Geeky Shirt Friday is back. I know I’ve worn this one already this year, but she’s a favorite. I just love Wonder Woman!

Geeky Shirt Friday – MassCUE edition

front   I am on the Board of Directors of MassCUE, a technology education non-profit. MassCUE is the Massachusetts affiliate of ISTE (International Society of Technology in Education). We had these tshirts printed up for conferences and events. I thought it fit in well for Geeky Shirt Friday! back

Geeky Shirt Friday is back!

After a few weeks of special events on Friday, Geeky Shirt Friday is back! Who knows what this week’s shirt is? It’s fitting for me . . . as a teacher! The answer is in the comments below.

Geeky Shirt Friday – Halloween!

Wow, lots of “special” days have fallen on Fridays, which prevents me from wearing a geeky shirt. I’m dressed as a cat today for Halloween. Hopefully the geeky shirts will be back next week. Have a happy and safe Halloween!!

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