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The 2017-2018 School Year As Told By #GeekyShirtFriday Photos!

As each week passes during the school year, I look forward to Fridays more than the average person. I love wearing a different geeky shirt each week to let my students peek into my world, learn about my interests, and let them know that it’s ok to let their geek flags fly! My absolute favorite …

A retrospect on #geekyshirtfriday and 2016-2017

We all look forward to Friday for obvious reasons, but I found another reason a couple of years ago. A dear friend of mine (@aserkin for those of you who would like to follow another super awesome teacher) started wearing “nerdy” shirts related to science, specifically┬áchemistry. I loved the concept and adapted it to all …


As many of my students know, I reserve Fridays for #GeekyShirtFriday & #FunShirtFriday. I’ve amassed quite the collection of great t-shirts that are rarely repeated throughout the school year. Of course, there are some Fridays where I need to be a bit more professional, like when presenting at a conference. But for the most part, …

Geeky Shirt Friday!

I LOVE Indiana Jones, and love all sorts of interpretations of him. This shirt is another version of Indiana Jones. Happy Geeky Shirt Friday!

Geeky Shirt Friday!

After a couple weeks of missing Fridays (Thanksgiving week, sick day), Geeky Shirt Friday is back. I know I’ve worn this one already this year, but she’s a favorite. I just love Wonder Woman!

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